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I am an associate professor at Northern Illinois University, where I've worked since 2007.  


Thus far, my research has covered topics in metaphysics and philosophy of religion, particularly the metaphysics of free will.  In this connection, I've written on the Consequence Argument for the incompatibility of free action and determinism, the Mind Argument for the incompatibility of free action and indeterminism (aka the "luck argument" and the "chance argument" against libertarianism), theological fatalism (aka the problem of freedom and foreknowledge), and logical fatalism.   

Right now, I am working on a monograph that explores the philosophical development of the notion of blameworthiness from Aristotle to the present.  Building on Alasdair MacIntyre's work in Whose Justice? Which Rationality?, I will explore the role of blameworthiness in four different philosophical traditions:  (i) Aristotelianism; (ii) Augustinianism; (iii) liberal individualism; and (iv) the Scottish Enlightenment.  By exploring the relevant history, I will argue, one can attain both clarity and depth of understanding with respect to the contemporary debate regarding blameworthiness.  

In addition to courses in metaphysics and moral psychology, I teach courses in ancient philosophy, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of race.

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